We welcome those living within or outside of our neighborhood to join our community

  • Membership is from April to April.
  • We are currently at full capacity for Family Swim Membership. Please contact to get on our wait list. 
  • A discount will be applied if paying by cash or check.  Please contact for more info. 

All members who are also residents of Greenmeadow  have voting rights – see FAQ for details.


Who can join?

Anyone can join! Residents of the Greenmeadow neighborhood AND families or individuals living outside Greenmeadow (Associate Members) can join the GMCA.

When can I join? Can I get a discount?

Membership is for 12 months and starts in April.  We typically offer a discount for families joining after Sept 1.  

What is an Associate member? What is a Resident Member?

There are three differences between an Associate and a Resident Member:

1) A Resident Member is a GMCA member who lives within the Greenmeadow neighborhood boundaries.  Associate members live outside the Greenmeadow neighborhood.  

2) Associate members cannot vote on GMCA matters. Resident Members can vote. This is directed by the GMCA By-laws. It’s not that we love our Associate members any less. As a matter of fact Associate members are a vital part of our community and our club.

3) There are limits to how many Associate members we can have. There are no limits on number of Resident Members. Directed by the By-laws again.

How do I know if I live in the Greenmeadow neighborhood?

Check this old map to see if your house is within the Greenmeadow neighborhood boundaries. If you still have questions, contact us.

What is a Greenmeadow membership?

This newly coined term for Fair share membership does not include use of the pool, but all greenmeadow members get voting privileges. This basic level of membership offers social activities and helps in maintenance of the park and clubhouse. Members are also welcome to attend all and any social activities at the park or clubhouse, sponsored by GMCA. Members receive a keycard to access the clubhouse. This basic membership is open to GREENMEADOW RESIDENTS only.

Are all residents of Greenmeadow members of the GMCA?

They better be!!!  But seriously, No. Even if you live in Greenmeadow, you do not have to be a member of the GMCA. Of course, we’d like all residents to be members. If you don’t want to use the pool, you can join at the Greenmeadow Member level  (aka, Fair Share member) and enjoy all of the other fun things of membership.

Is membership all about the pool?

Nope. The GMCA also hosts lots of community events throughout the year as well as maintaining the park and clubhouse. Members can participate in social events such as the progressive dinner, food trucks and karaoke in the park, holiday celebrations, open house parties, etc. As a member you can also join a committee and be part of the planning of the activities.


What is the pool guest policy?

Please read about the swim guest policy here.

Who can I contact with membership questions?