Greenmeadow’s clubhouse was completed in 2018 to better serve the active and engaged community of members. It provides a place for members and their guests to get together, talk, have meals or snacks and drinks, watch sports and movies, play music, and more.

We encourage all members to host events for our members, as described in the “Clubhouse Events” section below. There is no rental charge when hosting a community event. We also use the clubhouse for occasional neighborhood events, both small ones like GMCA quarterly meetings, and large ones such as the Fourth of July.

The clubhouse is also available for rental by members during certain days/hours, as described here.


Clubhouse Hours
6am to midnight

The clubhouse is near several homes. City policy requires that there be no emanated sound before 8am or after 10pm. Clubhouse hours will be revisited if we have problems with noise or other behavior that disturbs our neighbors.  After 10pm, it is best to close all doors and windows to contain sound.

Clubhouse Access

The clubhouse and associated facilities (restrooms and storage room) are for members and their guests. We have a relatively low-cost “social membership” that grants access to the clubhouse and not the pool. See the “Fair Share Social” and “Senior Fair Share Social” info here.

We would love to have many people enjoying the benefit of our new clubhouse!

For guest policy, see the FAQ item “Who can use it? (Guest Policy)”.

The clubhouse facility is generally accessible with a key card from the park side when the pool is closed. If you are a member who has not received a key card, please contact our pool administrator at or 650-494-3157

Clubhouse Events

GMCA members may host community, private or for-profit events in the Clubhouse. Activities in the clubhouse are subject to our guest policy.

See here for hosting a community event.  See here for hosting a private or for-profit event.

Clubhouse Policies

See the Clubhouse FAQ (on this page, to the right) for the complete policies. 

Please keep in mind:

  • Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult (18+).
  • Members will be held liable for any damage caused by themselves or their guests, at a rate up to twice the cost of repairing the damage. In addition, GMCA reserves the right to assess a $500 cleaning fee if the property is not left in the state in which the member found it.
  • The clubhouse is no-smoking, no pets.
  • Please make sure any kitchen equipment, countertops, appliances, tables, and chairs that you have used are left clean and in their places. (And please let us know if you have difficulty finding the appropriate cleaning items and/or places for things.)
2018 Renovation Details

Features of the renovation include:

  • Two new dining areas
  • Two outdoor barbecues
  • Outdoor drinking fountain by park and pool
  • New bathrooms accessible from both park and pool
  • New park landscaping
  • Spacious great room surrounded by windows overlooking pool and park
  • Large service area with refrigerator, freezer, and more
  • Serving window opening out to pool-side walkway
  • Ample storage for event tables and chairs

The pool, last renovated 30 years ago, has gotten:

  • New deck, with ADA-compliant ramps and lift
  • New pool lining and tile
  • New paint on all buildings
  • Refreshed parking lot
  • Updated lighting and electrical system
  • Improved chemical storage
  • New equipment in pump room
  • New trash enclosure


Who can use it? (Guest Policy)

Members and their guests can use the clubhouse. The guest policy is up to eight guests per membership per month, at most four guests at a time. Note that “per membership” here refers to the family or household covered by the members, not each individual member. So a family of four might invite another family of four twice per month.

Residents who are not members may not attend as guests. We hope that residents who want to attend will join as relatively low-cost social members (see here).

What about fair share members?

Fair share members (aka social members) can use the clubhouse, and they enjoy the same guest policy described above. They cannot use the pool.

What about kids?

Well-behaved children are welcomed in the clubhouse. Children under age 14 must be supervised. Parents will be held responsible for damage incurred by their children. If the child is a guest, the host will be held responsible.

How will we manage this shared facility?

Hundreds of people have access to the clubhouse, and may want to use it each day. Please be considerate, and clean up after yourselves.

We ask all of our members and guests to be considerate of others. For example:

  • Avoid overly loud or rambunctious behavior.
  • Leave plenty of room in the refrigerator/freezer and on the countertops for others.
  • Leave tables and chairs for others to use.
  • Clean up when you are done.
  • Groups should ensure they are not monopolizing the clubhouse. All who enter should feel comfortable using the clubhouse and engaging in their own activities.
I want to host an activity. How do I do that?
  • If you would like to host a community event, thanks! We have a page just for you!
  • If you would like to reserve the clubhouse for a private event, please contact us.
What are the security cameras for?

We have security cameras (video-only, no audio) that are active 24×7 indoors and outdoors to discourage abuse and to provide review of incidents. See our Security Camera Statement.

What about the televisions, sound system, and piano?

We hope you will enjoy the two televisions, Sonos sound system, and piano. Each of these is:

  • Only to be used by people 14 and older.
  • To be used in a respectful, considerate manner that doesn’t block others from feeling welcome and being able to have a conversation.
  • Not to be used for any adult-oriented content (bad language, nudity, etc).
  • First-come, first-served.
A few things to remember...
  • No smoking (including on patios). No pets.
  • Alcohol can be consumed (subject to legal age constraints), but must be stored in a locked cabinet.
  • For-profit activities (e.g., tutoring) are not permitted without a private rental.
  • Personal items may not be stored on premises.
  • The card-holder who enabled access will be held financially responsible for any infringement or damages.