GMCA activities are a function of the interests of the membership. Some events, like the annual July 4th Parade and Celebration are steeped in tradition, while others are relatively new, like food truck and karaoke nights.  Join us today, and get involved! Members can also reserve space at some of our facilities for private parties and events.

Information for connecting to online meetings can be found here.

Note: unless otherwise noted, clubhouse and pool activities are open to members and their guests only. The guest policy is: 8 guests per membership per month, maximum 4 per event. Greenmeadow residents may not attend as guests. We hope that residents will join as fair share members or as swim members. Learn more about membership here.

Calendar of Events

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Information for connecting to online meetings can be found here.

Note: unless otherwise noted, clubhouse and pool activities are open to members and their guests only. The guest policy is: 8 guests per membership per month, maximum 4 per event. Greenmeadow residents may not attend as guests. We hope that residents will join as fair share members or as swim members. Learn more about membership here.


  • Super Bowl Viewing Party
  • Preseason Swim Team Starts
  • Lunar New Year Party
Mar – Apr
  • Member Appreciation Party
  • Spring Egg Hunt and Community Potluck
  • House and Garden Tour
  • Marlins Swim Team starts
  • Memorial Day Potluck and Concert in the Park
  • Friday Night Dinners & Food Trucks
  • Saturday Swim Meets
  • 4th of July Parade and celebration
  • Quarterly meeting and Ice Cream Social
  • Swim Team Championships
  • Food trucks and Karaoke in the park
  • Fall swim conditioning starts
  • Labor Day Picnic
  • Progressive Dinner
  • Scary Distance Swim meet, Halloween event
Nov – Dec
  • Holiday Open House


Music Classes

Noise Lab is dedicated to helping families give their children the gift of music.

Noise lab is passionate about providing unique and innovative opportunities for learning music through creativity and improvisation. Research suggests that childhood is a key time for music learning. By providing a music rich environment, your children can improve aptitude, musicianship, and develop instrument readiness and music literacy.

Classes offered Saturday and Sunday mornings. Please check with the organisers to confirm the schedule:

Join today!

Noise Lab is led by dedicated Bay Area parents, musicians, and educators with doctoral degrees in music education.

Meet the Harts

Leslie Hart is an active freelance horn player and professional educator in the San Francisco bay area. She is currently the music specialist at the Bing Nursery School at Stanford University and completed a Doctor of Musical Arts Degree in Performance and Music Education from the Eastman School of Music. Leslie has several published works on learning music with creativity and improvisation and she performs regularly as a member of Emerald Brass QuintetFrequency 49 Woodwind Sextet and with Opera San Jose.

David Hart a native of California, leads an international music career focusing on both education and performance. Passionate about teaching and learning, he completed a Doctor of Musical Arts Degree in Music Education from the Eastman School of Music. David focuses his education research on ways to improve creativity and improvisation in the music learning process. Currently, David is director of instrumental music at the Harker Middle School and teaches jazz band, orchestra, and choir. He helped create the Harker Concert Series and is currently co-artist director. He performs as a freelance jazz trumpet player throughout the Bay Area and is on faculty at the Stanford Jazz Workshop.


Members can rent space beside our pool for parties. Our green and shady park is also available for group gatherings and picnics, and our community room can seat up to 30 people for meetings and presentations. Our new clubhouse is also available for members to rent. Contact us to enquire about availability or make a reservation.  

Pool Parties

Rentals are available to GMCA members for up to three hours any day of the week, for up to 25 guests.  Please note that the pool will be shared with other pool users, but there will be a reserved grass area for you and your guests, with shade, use of the barbecue and additional lifeguards. Event guests may use the bathrooms in the clubhouse, but may not gather in the main space. The host may use the kitchen area in the clubhouse. Please make sure to keep it clean.

You may bring in your own cake, food and drinks, but please no glass on the pool deck.

Pool only: $75/hour starting Jan. 1st. Deposit required: $100.

Please contact us to enquire about availability.

Park Rentals

Reservations are required for all GMCA members wishing to hold space in the Greenmeadow Community Park.

Up to 24 guests : $50/hour. Parties of 25 guests or more: $75.00 per hour fee.  Maximum of 50 guest unless approved by club manager.

Contact us for more information.

Clubhouse Rental

Rentals are available to GMCA members.

The new clubhouse can hold up to 30 people in a classroom setting, and there are tables and chairs available for use.

Clubhouse only: $150/hour. Deposit required: $200
Clubhouse with pool option: $200/hour. Deposit Required: $300

2-4 Hours (3 hrs. max for Clubhouse+pool)
10am-2pm or 3pm-7pm

Rules for Usage:
• Allowed up to 30 guests. Additional $50 will be added for parties with over 30 guests.
Parties with over fifty guests need to make special arrangements with the manager.
• Only Greenmeadow members are allowed to reserve the space.
• Must follow the cleaning and usage policy.
• Rentals will be offered year round but will not be allowed on some Holidays
(Clubhouse will be open to all members on Holidays).

• See manager with any request that falls outside of this policy.

HOSTING A COMMUNITY EVENT? Click here for info

Contact us to reserve.

Community Room Rental

The community room (room behind preschool) is free for members to reserve and cost $50 an hour for non-members to reserve the room. Rentals are up to 8 hours. Room hols 25-30 people. 

Click here to see the community room calendar, and contact us to request a rental. 

Community Room Rules/Checklist


Greenmeadow works with a selection of external organizations which help us to contribute to our wider community, and deliver major services and benefits to our members and to the public. We have partnered with the Greenmeadow Community Scholarship Fund and the Montessori School of Los Altos.

Greenmeadow Community Scholarship Fund

The Greenmeadow Community Scholarship Fund (GMCSF) is a unique community-based scholarship program, and an example of what defines our community and makes it special.  It seeks to acknowledge and honor graduating high school seniors who demonstrate the qualities of potential for achievement, service to the community and worthy character. Winners get scholarship awards and textbook stipends to support further education.  

There are two parts to the GMSCF.  The Greenmeadow Community Scholarship is for students whose families are part of the Greenmeadow community at large (members of GMCA; residents who live in Greenmeadow, but are not members of GMCA; Associate members). The George Ebey Scholarship is for Menlo-Atherton High School students and is awarded in collaboration with the Menlo-Atherton College and Career Center.

The GMCSF has been in continual operation since awarding its first scholarship in 1964. The Scholarship Board is staffed exclusively by volunteers with roots in the Greenmeadow community who believe strongly in the value of recognizing and supporting young people in our local communities. The scholarship continues to exist because of the generous contributions of Greenmeadow community members.  The Scholarship Fund is non-profit and donations are tax deductible.  GMCSF would like to thank its donors for their commitment to the ideals of this scholarship which remains a unique and cherished Greenmeadow tradition.

Click Here To Donate Now to the GMCSF


The 59th annual Greenmeadow Community Scholarship Fund Awards Reception was celebrated on Sunday, April 23. We honored 16 Finalists who are outstanding graduating high school seniors; eight from the Greenmeadow Community and eight from Menlo-Atherton High School. Their stories are inspiring. This year we awarded 5 scholarships and each of the finalists for the Greenmeadow and George Ebey Scholarships was awarded a textbook stipend and received a gift book of their choice selected at the time of their interviews.

On this day we gleaned some wonderful insights about these students and the Scholarship Board would like to share these stories.

George Ebey Scholarship—Menlo-Atherton High School

Mohammed Amir KhabazaAward of Merit

Mohammed is planning to pursue a degree in computer science. His first programming class was in 7th grade and he has loved programming ever since! In high school, he developed his own App, rated “Top 3” in a competition and he was invited to an Apple internship as a result. He also likes to engage his artistic side through multimedia and web design.

Mohammed relocated from Syria to the US as a child. He described the challenges faced by his family, overcoming language barriers, financial issues, and more generally, lack of mentoring and guidance.

When we spoke, he was waiting to hear from several schools before making his final choice, likely attending UC Irvine or UC Merced.

Vianca Lopez MolinaScholarship Winner

Vianca is planning to major in Biology because it’s the basis of every being. Her decision derives from her diabetic cousin’s many visits to Stanford. Vianca saw firsthand the amazing capabilities and awesome care. She’s now planning to study medicine.

As an avid reader of Greek mythology, Vianca was paired with an expert in Greek and Roman mythology and history. She writes eloquently about her journey during that mentorship, the timelessness of the issues faced by the characters, and the application to challenges in today’s world; “from the PTSD of Homer to the feminism of Circe.”

Vianca used another college essay to paint a picture of communities, both at home and at M-A. She provides beautiful portraits of the people, the problems they face, and her pride in those communities. Vianca goes on to describe how she has a loving family, academic support, and wants to “pay it forward,” for those who don’t.

Vianca will be attending USC – her top choice – in the fall.

Kilistina “Tina” Sky Wilson—Award of Merit

Tina will be attending Hampton College to pursue a degree and career in nursing. She has always loved caring for cousins, siblings and other youngsters, but when she learned about L&D nursing, she knew it was for her.

She’s most proud of her experience in the AVID program; academically, socially breaking out of her shell as a quiet shy person, and learning many important skills. Tina is now the Freshman transition leader, pushing herself out of her comfort zone and helping shy, reserved freshmen like herself to connect with others.

One of Tina’s college essays relayed a difficult conversation with her mom that took place in the 7th grade. While it was tough, it helped Tina understand and internalize why, as a woman of color, she needs to work very hard.

Elizabeth Rosales—Scholarship Winner

Elizabeth will be attending Dominican University. She is focused on creative writing and is particularly interested in developing her communication skills so she can have a greater impact in her community.
She has been on a journey of self-discovery over the last several years, and in the process has collected a multitude of people’s stories which informed her interest in being an author.

Elizabeth’s proudest accomplishment from high school was co-founding and being the President of Alt Journal, an outlet for students to express themselves through different mediums. It was important for her to encourage students to be insightful regarding who they are.


Johan AlejandresAward of Merit

Johan is a graduating senior at M-A High School. He introduced himself to us as someone who has learned to see the issues surrounding him and his community and to start the search for solutions. He strongly believes in helping students connect with their culture and find their voices.

He co-founded two clubs that do just that. In addition, he has volunteered to get out the vote, and participated in a research internship at Stanford centered around improving students’ school experience. And, Johan is passionate about tackling climate change because of its outsize impact throughout the world.

He intends on pursuing a nursing career and is expecting to attend San Jose State.


Alyssa HernandezScholarship Winner

During her interview Alyssa told us what she was most proud of doing. It was not her academic achievements, nor her Pediatrics Internship at Stanford, but it was her work last December as an Outdoor Camp Counselor, where she cared for twelve 6th grade boys in her cabin. There she furthered her leadership skills by leading hikes, games and equally important, making sure the kids were having fun. She is able to be effective because she’s a relaxed and confident young woman who’s not easily rattled.

Alyssa has been active in many endeavors including Pets in Need, where she provided care and support for the animals; Saint Anthony’s Church Teacher’s Aid, where she organized reading lessons for 15 students; Peer Tutoring at M-A; Spanish Immersion Tutoring at Encinal Elementary; and Freshman Transition Leader, leading workshops to foster community amongst freshmen.
The most important thing Alyssa told us — she LOVES being a big sister to her 1- and 6-year old sisters!

Alyssa plans to attend college in the fall with studies in oncology and premed.


Dom Rodas—Award of Merit

Dom loves sports. He played Varsity Football at M-A. He weight lifted. But it was the Razorhawks Club Rugby that he loved most. Rugby was a community sport, like a family or brotherhood where Dom learned about self, came to care about community, and learned what it means to be a big brother.

Dom co-founded and was Secretary of the Southeast Asian Student Union whose mission was to bring more representation to the M-A community

Biology and Creative Writing are his favorite classes. His poetry enables a freedom of expression. It’s an outlet for him to say things that matter.

After being in the hospital for asthma many times when he was younger, Dom came to understand the joy his caregivers experienced by helping people. That’s what he wants to do by working towards a career in the medical field, beginning at St Mary’s College.


Dafne Segura Diaz—Award of Merit

When 6-year old Dafne immigrated to East Palo Alto from Mexico, she went to 3 different kindergarten schools in her first year here. The transition was traumatic and difficult as she did not speak English and her teachers did not speak Spanish. Even asking permission to go to the bathroom was quite a challenge.

Dafne is most proud of her volunteer work at CC Golub, where she was matched up with a 5th grader that needed tutoring in Math and English. She tutored him twice weekly during the summer, and then weekly during the school year until he was ready to join his school class.

Dafne doesn’t let disappointment hold her down. When her class in Social Justice was canceled she worked with her history teacher to start a Social Justice Club to examine problems and become agents of change. They engaged the principal to discuss ideas designed to address known issues. For example, they conducted a survey of the N-word used at M-A, how it affected people, and ways to deal with the ramifications of its usage.

In College, Dafne plans to study pediatric nursing, or perhaps biology and Spanish.


Greenmeadow Community Scholarship

Jude Harden—Award of Merit

Jude is a senior at Gunn High School with a passion for psychology and will attend the University of Pittsburgh or USC where he intends to study Psychology.

Jude has research experience analyzing technical papers on emotional regulation of children with Autism spectrum disorder.  He also conducted Virtual Child Engagements with children of essential healthcare workers during the pandemic. Currently he’s an intern at Stanford assisting a professor by reviewing papers about sports physiology and screening athletes. This work dovetailed with his own soccer experience as a high school and club player as well as coaching and refereeing youth soccer. 


Nicolas Chou—Award of Merit

Nico loves math.  He took virtually all the math classes that Gunn has to offer and then spent time sharing his passion with others through various tutoring and instructional avenues.  He was co-instructor for a Math Masters course which he developed with his friends to provide instruction for up to 30 middle school students.  He also led a “Homework Heroes” K-8 tutoring service for students who struggled with online learning during the pandemic.

He enjoys participating in homecoming activities like airbands and flash-mod dance competitions between grades.  He found the collaboration and comraderie in spirit events which helped him be more collaborative in the classroom where group work was expected.

Nicolas draws inspiration from his parents and grandparents who he credits for his work ethic.  His father’s family emigrated to Bolivia from Taiwan where his father worked in the family restaurant.  His father went from the restaurant in Bolivia to Stanford University which illustrated to Nicolas that anything is possible. 

Nicolas intends to study Applied Mathematics, Engineering and Physics at Wisconsin.


Hannah Nusser—Scholarship Winner

You would not see it now, but Hannah was once very shy. As a 13 year old it was a challenge for her to be outgoing and confident. Half way into 7th grade, her family moved to Munich, Germany. Lacking confidence in who she was and scared and afraid of her new situation, she didn’t have the courage to speak up until she realized she could actually speak German and engage with new kids in a new environment. 

In 10th grade she joined the surf rider club which is a beach clean up and restoration club and was president in her junior and senior years. This strengthened her interests in environmental sciences and sustainability.

She says: “I look forward to college as another chance to further develop who I am. Now, instead of being afraid of what’s to come, I am thankful for having been pushed into the deep end and unfamiliar eyes no longer feel as frightening as they once did.”

Next year Hannah will attend Northeastern, or Cal Poly.


Stormalong Lunt (Stormy)—Award of Merit

Stormy is a senior at Los Altos High School. He’s into arts and acting; not only the traditional visual and performing arts, but also martial arts.

He earned his black belt and then proceeded to teach younger kids and later older students. His twelve year involvement in martial arts has taught him how to take control of any situation with ease and it has helped guide his leadership and teaching skills.

Stormy is all hands on in the theater program at Los Altos High. He is an actor and builds sets. He is part of another production group called Gift Theater which seeks to provide a theater experience to individuals who may not be able to see a show due to sickness or age, all for free. They rehearse after school and on weekends before performing at churches, hospitals, and old folks homes.

Stormy is quite good at math, and hopes architecture is in his future as a way to incorporate art into a profession. Biomedical engineering, a way to connect him to people, is also a possibility.

He is planning to attend West Valley Community College and enroll in their architecture program.


Georgia Gersh—Award of Merit

Georgia is a talker. She loves to communicate which, after all, is the point of talking. She understands that communication requires listening, patience, practice, knowledge, and sincere interest. Georgia served as her high school student body VP, where her communication skills were tested and refined. Those skills enabled her to effect a change in visitation rules at her high school. She was able to connect to both students and faculty and learn to be objective and neutral is controversial matters. Georgia was also a student ambassador at her high school, touring prospective students on campus. And, during Covid she became involved in E-sports color commentating while serving as a mentor other women in this role.

She plans to attend the University of Santa Clara, where she plans to study Marketing, accounting and finance. 


Zachary HillAward of Merit

Zach has an optimistic and pragmatic way of looking at the world, and is really good at finding things that make him and those around him better. 

He does this through his athletic endeavors.  He’s been awarded most improved athlete and taken on leadership roles in multiple sports including captain of the Gunn CC team and the Lead CIT for the Greenmeadow Marlins swim team. 

Outside of athletics Zach has been tutoring over the last three years as part of the Dream Catcher’s Program. Happiness in their accomplishments and feelings of pride helping others hit milestones in learning and living were extraordinarily rewarding. Equally important was finding ways to have fun.

Zach’s childhood is filled with memories of his tinkering in the garage with other family members. It’s the foundation for his passion for physics, applied math and astrophysics. Zach will be attending the University of Texas, Austin.


Nadav Sternheim—Award of Merit

One of the things that is uniquely human is our ability to tell stories. Nadav has been refining his craft of storytelling for years. While still in middle school, Nadav applied to be a reporter for SI Kids. Unlike the thousands of applicants that get a “thank you for applying, but…” letter, Nadav landed the gig. At the age of 12 he was already covering global events, pitching stories to his editors and reporting about athletes overcoming racism in professional sports and also the cultural role soccer plays across the world.  

Since his early days of reporting, Nadav has continued to sharpen this craft as the profile and sports editor of Verde Magazine (Paly’s magazine), producing a talk show about mental health in youth sports through a NYT’s summer academy, and as a staff writer for the La Voz News (De Anza College publication).

What impressed us behind the gumption Nadav has shown in his journalism pursuits, is his belief in the role it plays in society. To tell stories that matter. To expose what makes people persevere. To get the story right. 


Helene (Beanie) Jose—Award of Merit

Meet Beanie. She’s both fierce and friendly. She’s Filipino and Jewish. An artist and a warrior. A defining characteristic of Beanie is that she fully embraces her unique set of experiences, family heritage, and faith. The pride she takes in all of these is apparent, as is her authenticity and positive spirit. 

When Beanie was young, she participated in youth soccer.  And according to her dad, she really leaned into the sport. So much so that one day he took her aside and suggested that the significant accumulation of yellow cards was a sign to maybe consider another sport. And so Beanie did. She channeled that intensity into wrestling. Despite the sport not being friendly to girls, she persevered, honed her technique, and accumulated experience and strategies. In 2019 she took 3rd place in the Bay Area Wrestling 2019 League Championship as the only female competitor.

Beanie is also an advanced student of Jiu-Jitsu. She loves martial arts and fine arts because they both offer opportunities for expression and creative thinking.  She’s loved art since she was little and carried that love through now, including mastering an AP class in Fine Arts. She has even found some commercial success designing a logo for a small business. 

She’ll be attending Oregon State University this fall pursuing a degree in Fine Arts. 



Montessori School of Los Altos at Greenmeadow
The Montessori School of Los Altos at Greenmeadow is located at 303 Parkside Drive, Palo Alto.  The preschool was built in 1954 as part of the original Greenmeadow development, and is located next to the pool compound.  The preschool is operated by the Montessori School of Los Altos.

This innovative preschool offers a 3-year Montessori Primary curriculum that explores many key areas of learning through small group and individual lessons.

In addition to the core elements of the Montessori Program like Language, Mathematics, Practical Life, Sensorial and Geography, the preschool offers Science and Music enrichment programs as well as both Mandarin and Spanish language programs.

At the Montessori School of Los Altos at Greenmeadow, a child’s development is rounded out with lessons in grace and courtesy, art appreciation and hands on projects, movement and dance, rhythm, song and an introduction to musical instruments as well as the chance to participate in many cultural activities and celebrations reflecting their diverse parent community.

Each child will thrive in this program, building strong academic skills, a cooperative approach to working with their teachers and peers and a love of learning. Please contact the preschool to join a tour;  or phone 650.493.7200