GMCA activities are a function of the interests of the membership. Some events, like the annual July 4th Parade and Celebration are steeped in tradition, while others are relatively new, like food truck and karaoke nights.  Join us today, and get involved! Members can also reserve space at some of our facilities for private parties and events.

Information for connecting to online meetings can be found here.

Note: unless otherwise noted, clubhouse and pool activities are open to members and their guests only. The guest policy is: 8 guests per membership per month, maximum 4 per event. Greenmeadow residents may not attend as guests. We hope that residents will join as fair share members or as swim members. Learn more about membership here.

Calendar of Events

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JSSL Champs Meet

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Information for connecting to online meetings can be found here.

Note: unless otherwise noted, clubhouse and pool activities are open to members and their guests only. The guest policy is: 8 guests per membership per month, maximum 4 per event. Greenmeadow residents may not attend as guests. We hope that residents will join as fair share members or as swim members. Learn more about membership here.


  • Super Bowl Viewing Party
  • Preseason Swim Team Starts
  • Lunar New Year Party
Mar – Apr
  • Member Appreciation Party
  • Spring Egg Hunt and Community Potluck
  • House and Garden Tour
  • Marlins Swim Team starts
  • Memorial Day Potluck and Concert in the Park
  • Friday Night Dinners & Food Trucks
  • Saturday Swim Meets
  • 4th of July Parade and celebration
  • Quarterly meeting and Ice Cream Social
  • Swim Team Championships
  • Food trucks and Karaoke in the park
  • Fall swim conditioning starts
  • Labor Day Picnic
  • Progressive Dinner
  • Scary Distance Swim meet, Halloween event
Nov – Dec
  • Holiday Open House


Music Classes

Noise Lab is dedicated to helping families give their children the gift of music.

Noise lab is passionate about providing unique and innovative opportunities for learning music through creativity and improvisation. Research suggests that childhood is a key time for music learning. By providing a music rich environment, your children can improve aptitude, musicianship, and develop instrument readiness and music literacy.

Classes offered Saturday and Sunday mornings. Please check with the organisers to confirm the schedule:

Join today!

Noise Lab is led by dedicated Bay Area parents, musicians, and educators with doctoral degrees in music education.

Meet the Harts

Leslie Hart is an active freelance horn player and professional educator in the San Francisco bay area. She is currently the music specialist at the Bing Nursery School at Stanford University and completed a Doctor of Musical Arts Degree in Performance and Music Education from the Eastman School of Music. Leslie has several published works on learning music with creativity and improvisation and she performs regularly as a member of Emerald Brass QuintetFrequency 49 Woodwind Sextet and with Opera San Jose.

David Hart a native of California, leads an international music career focusing on both education and performance. Passionate about teaching and learning, he completed a Doctor of Musical Arts Degree in Music Education from the Eastman School of Music. David focuses his education research on ways to improve creativity and improvisation in the music learning process. Currently, David is director of instrumental music at the Harker Middle School and teaches jazz band, orchestra, and choir. He helped create the Harker Concert Series and is currently co-artist director. He performs as a freelance jazz trumpet player throughout the Bay Area and is on faculty at the Stanford Jazz Workshop.


Members can rent space beside our pool for parties. Our green and shady park is also available for group gatherings and picnics, and our community room can seat up to 30 people for meetings and presentations. Our new clubhouse is also available for members to rent. Contact us to enquire about availability or make a reservation.  

Pool Parties

Rentals are available to GMCA members for up to three hours any day of the week, for up to 25 guests.  Please note that the pool will be shared with other pool users, but there will be a reserved grass area for you and your guests, with shade, use of the barbecue and additional lifeguards. Event guests may use the bathrooms in the clubhouse, but may not gather in the main space. The host may use the kitchen area in the clubhouse. Please make sure to keep it clean.

You may bring in your own cake, food and drinks, but please no glass on the pool deck.

Pool only: $75/hour starting Jan. 1st. Deposit required: $100.

Please contact us to enquire about availability.

Park Rentals

Reservations are required for all GMCA members wishing to hold space in the Greenmeadow Community Park.

Up to 24 guests : $50/hour. Parties of 25 guests or more: $75.00 per hour fee.  Maximum of 50 guest unless approved by club manager.

Contact us for more information.

Clubhouse Rental

Rentals are available to GMCA members.

The new clubhouse can hold up to 30 people in a classroom setting, and there are tables and chairs available for use.

Clubhouse only: $150/hour. Deposit required: $200
Clubhouse with pool option: $200/hour. Deposit Required: $300

2-4 Hours (3 hrs. max for Clubhouse+pool)
10am-2pm or 3pm-7pm

Rules for Usage:
• Allowed up to 30 guests. Additional $50 will be added for parties with over 30 guests.
Parties with over fifty guests need to make special arrangements with the manager.
• Only Greenmeadow members are allowed to reserve the space.
• Must follow the cleaning and usage policy.
• Rentals will be offered year round but will not be allowed on some Holidays
(Clubhouse will be open to all members on Holidays).

• See manager with any request that falls outside of this policy.

HOSTING A COMMUNITY EVENT? Click here for info

Contact us to reserve.

Community Room Rental

The community room (room behind preschool) is free for members to reserve and cost $50 an hour for non-members to reserve the room. Rentals are up to 8 hours. Room hols 25-30 people. 

Click here to see the community room calendar, and contact us to request a rental. 

Community Room Rules/Checklist


Greenmeadow works with a selection of external organizations which help us to contribute to our wider community, and deliver major services and benefits to our members and to the public. We have partnered with the Greenmeadow Community Scholarship Fund and the Montessori School of Los Altos.

Greenmeadow Community Scholarship Fund

 The Greenmeadow Community Scholarship Fund (GMCSF) is a unique community-based scholarship program, and an example of what defines our community and makes it special.  It seeks to acknowledge and honor graduating high school seniors who demonstrate the qualities of potential for achievement, service to the community and worthy character. Winners get scholarship awards and textbook stipends to support further education.  

There are two parts to the GMSCF.  The Greenmeadow Community Scholarship is for students whose families are part of the Greenmeadow community at large (members of GMCA; residents who live in Greenmeadow, but are not members of GMCA; Associate members). The George Ebey Scholarship is for Menlo-Atherton High School students and is awarded in collaboration with the Menlo-Atherton College and Career Center.

The GMCSF has been in continual operation since awarding its first scholarship in 1964. The Scholarship Board is staffed exclusively by volunteers with roots in the Greenmeadow community who believe strongly in the value of recognizing and supporting young people in our local communities. The scholarship continues to exist because of the generous contributions of Greenmeadow community members.  The Scholarship Fund is non-profit and donations are tax deductible.  GMCSF would like to thank its donors for their commitment to the ideals of this scholarship which remains a unique and cherished Greenmeadow tradition.

Click Here To Donate Now to the GMCSF


The 60th annual Greenmeadow Community Scholarship Fund Awards Reception was celebrated on Sunday, April 28. We honored 15
Finalists who are outstanding graduating high school seniors. On this day we gleaned some wonderful insights about these students and the Scholarship Board would like to share these stories.

Collage of scholarship winners

George Ebey Scholarship—Menlo-Atherton High School

Camila Leiva Ferrera — Award of Merit

In 2020 Camila traveled with her family from Honduras so that her younger sister could get required surgery.  Little did she know that her time in the US would shift from a visit to a permanent stay. Camila expanded her horizons beyond school and family over the course of high school. She joined the swim team, tackled public speaking as a skill set, became a swim coach, and dove into advanced computer science coursework including recreating the original Mario Brothers video game.  
She has been accepted to Santa Clara University.

Giselle Lopez — Award of Merit

Giselle is heavily involved in her school and her community. She’s been especially active at the Service League of San Mateo. For seven years Giselle has helped bring joy during the holidays to families with a parent serving time in prison.  She’s played many roles in the annual toy drive, including coordinating personalized gifts for children of all ages.  
Giselle’s been considering a future in the medical field since freshman year biology weaved its spell of magic and wonder. She’ll try to bring that inspiration to fruition at either University of San Francisco, UC Santa Cruz, SF State , or Cal State Fullerton.

Ana Ramos — Scholarship Winner

Ana wants to study psychology because she loves putting herself in other peoples’ shoes, something she discovered when studying characters she would play in theater…but also as she looked to build relationships with friends, teammates and those she’s mentored.  
Ana’s extra-curricular activities demonstrate a passion to understand people and find ways to help them improve their lives. She
participated in Stanford’s Clinical Neuroscience Immersion Experience, where she learned about Autism and the neuro-divergent
community and then went on to create a clothing prototype designed to address sensory sensitivities.

Stephany Gomez Martinez — Award of Merit

Stephany will be the first generation in her family to attend college. She wants her parents, her family, to be proud of her, to feel “that the struggle they went through was worth it, so I have a successful life.”
What’s next for Stephany? The Computer Academy sparked an interest in Graphic Design. She very much enjoyed the animation
class she took in sophomore year – she said it just made her happy.


Katie Molina Valiente — Scholarship Winner

Katie knows the value of hard work. She has been helping her mom clean houses since she was in middle school. As she got older, she
started coordinating the schedules for the business and interacting with clients. She also helped her mom get her high school diploma a few years ago. Her mom’s determination and perseverance inspire Katie’s entrepreneurial spirit and she’s already gotten her feet wet with an apprenticeship at Google and an externship at Meta.


Marian Gamez-Diaz — Award of Merit

Marian likes science – she loves Bio and Chem. Last summer, Marian participated in the Stanford Pediatrics Internship Program (PIPs) for 35 hours a week, for 6 weeks. While there, she learned about different specialties, attended panels, shadowed researchers, and worked in the endocrinology lab. Marian would like to ultimately become a Physician’s Assistant.
Currently, she’s intrigued by the issues surrounding Public Health, particularly access to health care, the inequities of health care in low-income communities, and how the health of families is impacted by accessibility and language barriers.


Jeff Caceres — Scholarship Winner

By age 6, Jeff began volunteering at the Ecumenical Hunger Program (EHP) and has been there ever since. When the pandemic decimated many of the programs and volunteer force, Jeff went recruiting and found many new folks with a broader range of language skills to support the families in need. He even learned some Mandarin since none of the other volunteers could speak it. He now helps lead the volunteer crews each week in delivering programs at EHP.

Jeff will be attending Cal Poly SLO, his top pick, where he plans to study business administration.


Abigail Rojas — Award of Merit

Abigail is a very busy young woman. School at M-A includes a rigorous set of classes in which she maintains a very strong GPA, and
she also attends classes at Skyline and Foothill Community Colleges. She was nominated for, and ultimately received, the Jacqueline
Kennedy Onassis award for outstanding service benefiting local communities. And, as a budding young computer scientist, Abigail has
secured internships at Google, Meta, and Breakline. On top of all this, Abigail and her mom have been active in volunteer groups supporting families in Latin America.


Greenmeadow Community Scholarship

Nathan Kirner — Award of Merit

Nathan is excited to go to college, meet new people, and explore a new place. American University in Washington, DC., where he’s headed this fall, checks all the boxes. That’s where he’ll be studying political science or journalism, although he’s undecided. His intention in college is to “try out things” and “see what I’m good at.” In contrast to his upcoming college adventure Nathan has had a love of basketball beginning at an early age. Bonding with fellow students was a big plus and it was just plain fun. Basketball taught him how to manage pressure and brought him public recognition. In pandemic and post-pandemic years it provided a place of zen, as he shot around in his front yard and cleared his mind.


Smriti Kallahalla — Award of Merit

Smriti “grew up in a STEM house”, which probably accounts for her interest in biotech and bioengineering. It’s not all science in her life
though. Since childhood she has been practicing a form of classical Indian dance called Bharatanatyam. Learning the dance has required discipline and dedication, not to mention daily practice for the past 11 years. Focus and commitment are not enough – creativity is crucial, both for engagement with the audience as well as interacting with the live orchestra. It all culminates in the next few weeks with a 3 hour solo performance where success will hinge on the ability to persevere and adapt if the performance isn’t going exactly the way it should.


Reed Flinchbaugh — GM Scholarship Winner

As the youngest child in his family who didn’t always get the attention he sought, Reed has learned the virtue of listening, and the
importance of empathy and understanding. These lessons were invaluable during his travels when he became aware of the Beyond
Fistula program. Fistula is an obstetric problem that impacts many women from Kenya and Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. He was
inspired to establish Gunn Futures for Africa with the mission of increasing awareness and fundraising as affected women deal with
medical issues and social ostracization from their communities.


Evariste Deprey — Award of Merit

Evariste’s ambition is to become an emergency medicine surgeon. This gave him new motivation to overcome the educational challenges he’d always had in school. Diagnosed with OCD, Evariste had long needed aides, compassionate teachers, and other support systems to help him sit and focus. Evariste confronted his OCD head-on applying better ways for him to learn such as audiobooks and digital note-taking apps.

Evariste plans to attend Santa Clara University in the fall, majoring in biology.


Naya Nebriaga — Award of Merit

Naya started playing piano at age 5. Then at age 12, she started entering piano competitions. Then she started winning. She did so
well that while still in high school, she performed with other young pianists from around the world at Carnegie Hall in New York. Not just once, but three times. But while music is her passion, Naya is interested in entrepreneurship. A venture of her own was teaming up with a friend to start a podcast during Covid. What started as a way to connect with peers during lockdown became a podcast that ran for 1½ years every week, ultimately with over 30,000 listeners from more than 30 countries.


Noam Tal — Award of Merit

Noam has found inspiration from his dad’s entrepreneurial life which he says motivated him to think outside the box, explore possibilities, and avoid being locked into one career path. For now, he’s headed to UC Berkeley to pursue a degree in Economics.
Noam has been involved with In Need Homeless Services after connecting with a Homeless by choice friend and visiting him in
Berkeley. He became aware of the disconnect between resources available to the homeless and the needs of the homeless so he’s soon to release an app to address this problem.


Analiesse Schoenen — GM Scholarship Winner

Analiesse is a rower- she lived in London for a few years, watched a boat race, and thought it was cool. Participating in the women’s eights has given her perspective on people. How to interact and communicate with teammates. Realizing there’ll be good days and
bad days she’s learning what it means to confront those aspects of uneven performance and the emotions that come with the ups and downs of life.
This Fall she’ll be rowing at Bryn Mawr college in Pennsylvania—she didn’t want a big place—where she plans to major in Biology or




Montessori School of Los Altos at Greenmeadow
The Montessori School of Los Altos at Greenmeadow is located at 303 Parkside Drive, Palo Alto.  The preschool was built in 1954 as part of the original Greenmeadow development, and is located next to the pool compound.  The preschool is operated by the Montessori School of Los Altos.

This innovative preschool offers a 3-year Montessori Primary curriculum that explores many key areas of learning through small group and individual lessons.

In addition to the core elements of the Montessori Program like Language, Mathematics, Practical Life, Sensorial and Geography, the preschool offers Science and Music enrichment programs as well as both Mandarin and Spanish language programs.

At the Montessori School of Los Altos at Greenmeadow, a child’s development is rounded out with lessons in grace and courtesy, art appreciation and hands on projects, movement and dance, rhythm, song and an introduction to musical instruments as well as the chance to participate in many cultural activities and celebrations reflecting their diverse parent community.

Each child will thrive in this program, building strong academic skills, a cooperative approach to working with their teachers and peers and a love of learning. Please contact the preschool to join a tour;  or phone 650.493.7200