The GM20Now Project


We have big things planned for 2017.


The Greenmeadow pool is currently closed for our biggest renovation ever.  The pool is due to reopen by April 1, 2018.

While our pool is closed we will still offer year-round swimming due to an arrangement with the Eichler Club. If you’re a current Greenmeadow swim member, you can go and use Eichler’s pool while Greenmeadow is closed. Members and their guests can look forward to a refurbished pool and deck, plus a fantastic new clubhouse in the park!

The pool area is going to be substantially updated with a new deck, new lining of the pool shell, new storage area, and new equipment in the pump room. We also hope to spruce up the locker rooms, if our budget allows once we receive final costs.

Over this time we will also be building a new clubhouse between the pool and our park, which will offer a new multi-purpose space for community events, meetings, functions, pool parties and private rental. Our new clubhouse will have a large gathering space which will hold 50+ people, with views that will take advantage of the adjacent park and pool. The clubhouse will have a big screen, handy storage for folding tables and chairs for indoor and outdoor use, as well as bathrooms and showers that fulfill ADA requirements. We are also adding an indoor kitchen, two new outdoor dining areas and a large bbq island. We’re already excited about the grand opening of our new clubhouse in September 2018!

Visit the GM20NOW Project Website for more renovation details.

Renovating our pool and building the new clubhouse has come about through a long process of community consultation, discussion and planning that started in 2012.  This is the GM20Now project.  The GM20NOW Project Website has all the details for you – from project description, to floor plans and color charts.