The Meadowlark is the monthly newsletter of the Greenmeadow Association. Paper copies are delivered to all residents of the Greenmeadow neighborhood. GMCA members (residents and non-resident associate members) can receive the Meadowlark via email and read older issues online. 

To receive the Meadowlark by email, or access an archive of the current and previous issues, click here to join the Google Group.  


Rules of Posting in GMCA’s Meadowlark

Guidelines for Meadowlark Content (and gmca-discuss)
Approved, July 2000
Revised March 18, 2017

Items Appropriate for Inclusion
1. Official business of GMCA

2. Notifications from the City of Palo Alto or other local government entities

3. Notices relative to the CC&R’s and ARC

4. News about Greenmeadow residents or members

5. “For sale”, “babysitting”, and other noncommercial want-ad style items submitted by Greenmeadow residents or members


Items Not Appropriate for Inclusion

1. Defamatory material or material that includes personal attacks

2. Obscene material or material in poor taste (Please remember that
the Meadowlark is read by family members of all ages, including

3. Copyrighted material without the copyright owner’s consent.
(Exception: Brief quotations from copyrighted works)

4. Commercial advertising

5. Solicitations for charities or other non-profit organizations

6. Any other material that has no relevance to GMCA, the Greenmeadow
neighborhood, or its residents.



1. These guidelines will be applied by the Meadowlark editor(s). In the case of the email group, they are applied by the moderators of the group.

2. When the editor or moderator is uncertain, or where there is an unresolved dispute with the submitter, the editor/moderator will consult the GMCA president. Moreover if the editor/moderator rejects an item, the submitter may appeal the decision to the GMCA president.

3. At the president’s sole discression, unresolved matters may be taken to the full board.


Other Handouts

When material is presented for distribution to the neighborhood separate from the Meadowlark, it must meet these criteria:

1. It must meet one of the first three criteria for inclusion in the Meadowlark.

2. Its timely delivery must be such that it cannot be included in the Meadowlark, or the amount or form of material (such as voter information) must preclude its inclusion in the Meadowlark.